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Is Jaden Smith Dying? Fans Speculate All Is Not Well With Jaden’s Health !

Is Jaden Smith Gay

What Is The Reason Behind Jaden Smith’s Falling Health

Jaden Smith looked healthy and fit in the past. He even took his shirt off in concerts to flex his abs. However, the most recent images tell a different story. It looks like Jaden has become pale and malnourished, and everything is not right with his health. He looks skinnier than ever, and his eyes are popping out. The reason for his malnourishment is attributed to the vegan diet that Jaden undertook in 2019. However, he should have given it more thought before adopting it. The latest buzz is that the diet has worked against his body, which has led to serious health problems. The health problems related to a deficiency in vitamins and Jaden can land in big trouble if he doesn’t act quickly.

Jaden Smith In The Frame
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Smith’s Health A Concern For Will And Jada

Will and Jada have not been in line with Jaden’s idea of taking up a vegan diet. Apparently, even Will and Jada could see how the diet was taking a toll on Jaden’s health. Like responsible parents, they decided to take a doctor’s advice. The last reports showed that Jaden was suffering from Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 deficiency.

Jaden Smith Dodging Media To Avoid Health Related Questions

Jaden Smith has revealed in the past that he prefers to stay out of news if it’s about his health. From what we got to know, Jaden tried to avoid the check-up and was adamant about continuing with the diet. However, Will and Jada refused to take no for an answer. Jaden usually keeps a silent presence on social media platforms and focuses primarily on his music career. It looks like Will and Jada will do everything to get their son back to a healthy lifestyle.

Jaden looks malnourished
Source: Yahoo News

What Is Jaden Smith Up To Nowadays?

Jaden Smith is keeping a low profile nowadays. He is not active on social media ever since the internet exploded about the relationship between his mother, Jada, and singer August Alsina. Before this went viral, he and his mother together slammed YouTuber Shane Dawson over an old video of Shane sexualizing his sister Willow Smith. He also participated in the protest for Breonna Taylor with his mother and sister. Very recently, he celebrated his birthday with his father Will Smith, wishing him through Instagram.

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