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Is Katie Holmes Really Pregnant Or The Rumours Are Baseless?

What Do The Rumours Say?

Is Katie Holmes Pregnant Or The Rumours Are Baseless?: According to rumours, Katie Holmes is pregnant with her and Tom Cruise second child. The sources also mention that both Katie and Tom are excited. They have started preparing for the arrival of a new member.

The rumours state that her baby bump was visible while she was out in New York. Since her recent breakup with Jamie Foxx, Katie hasn’t been in an open relationship. However, Tom Cruise is said to be the father of the baby.

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Katie Holmes

What Sounds Fishy About These Rumours?

The tabloid mentions that Suri is thrilled at this news. She is eagerly waiting for her upcoming brother or sister. The speculation is that it is a baby girl.

What sounds fishy here is that the how an unexpected source can know the sex of a baby so early. If it is true, then only the close relation of Katie would have known it.

Also, how is it possible to tell about Suri condition when she is just a teenager girl. There is no way that these talks give real evidence.

The Truth About Katie’s Recent Pregnancy News

After getting in contact with Katie’s close relations, they revealed that the news is rubbish. Earlier, a tabloid has created a scene on her getting pregnant, and it was false too.

Also, the most recent pictures of Katie clearly shows her flat stomach. This particular tabloid has made many false stories about Katie’s love life. Sometimes its Katie is dating Jennifer Anniston, and at other times she is remarrying on Instagram.

Celebrities link themselves to many people throughout their career. They cook lots of spicy sentences to get attention. But the truth can be buried. All the rumours are held untrue and disgusting.

So, it is for sure that Katie Holmes is not pregnant. All the things said about her recent pregnancy are entirely baseless. There is no proof about what the tabloid claims. Hence, for once and all Katie recent pregnancy news is false.

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