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Is Kim Jong-Un In Coma? The Latest Pictures Don’t Say So !

Kim Jong Un
Source: New York Post

North Korea Releases New Picture Of Kim Jong Un Amid Death Reports

For the past week, there was a strong buzz that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in a coma. Kim Jong leads a very unhealthy lifestyle which has lead to excessive weight gain and has affected his health adversely. For the past few months, there were no public appearances by Kim which led media agencies from different countries to believe that he might actually be in a coma due to his poor health. However, North Korea’s state media released pictures that showed Kim heading a meeting in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un
Source: New York Post

Pictures Of Kim Jong Un Real Or Fake

A few months back, there was a similar rumor that Kim had undergone a surgery that did not go very well. This led to a round of rumors that he is dead. However, in a similar fashion, the media released pictures of him to suppress these rumors. Experts pointed out that the pictures might be fake after examining it with his previous pictures. This time with his news of coma, there were reports that he had delegated his power to his sister. Moreover, like the previous instance, people again doubt if the pictures are real or fake.

Kim Jong Un Updates About Typhoon In North Korea

As per the state media, the picture shows Kim leading a meeting with regard to a typhoon that was about to hit North Korea. As per the reports from the state media, the typhoon struck North Korea on 27 August. However, as per the updates from Kim, the typhoon did not do much damage and weakened within no time. The media also released pictures to show the little damage done by the typhoon. The typhoon goes by the name of Bavi.

Source: Republic

Kim Jong Un Imposes Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Scare

North Korea has not reported any coronavirus case as per the media of North Korea. However, Kim declared a lockdown in the country after a person who found with symptoms of the corona. However, there was no further update in that case from the country. Earlier there were reports that people with the virus were immediately killed by Kim.

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