Is Persona 6 Coming Out In 2021? Release Details, Plot Updates

Persona 6

Is Persona 6 Coming Out In 2021? Release Details, Plot Updates: After the release of Persona 5, the seventh edition of the franchise is on its way. Persona 5 was a huge hit in many countries around the world. So fans eagerly waiting for the release of the next edition, Persona 6. This will be the seventh instalment of the Megami Tensei franchise. Here is all you have to know about the upcoming Season.

Persona 6: Release Date

The franchise first launched in Japan in 2014. But Persona 5 released back in 2017. Its been 2 years since the Persona 5 released and now fans expecting the Persona 6 to release this year. However, the good news is that maker Atlus confirmed the game would release in the future.

Persona 6

There is a brief conversation between Japanese gaming outlet Dengeki PlayStation and Atlus representative. The conversation later confirmed the news of the release. They said, “we are working on the mid to long term plan. That includes some new numbered entries. So the fans can continue to enjoy the Persona series this year.”

Though there is no official announcement about the release of the next edition, rumors have that persona 6 is meant to release in 2021 in Japan. But the international audience will be able to get hands-on it not before 2022. Following the previous release of Persona 5, this timeline is expected.

Persona 6: Plot

Persona 6

Previously, Atlus created the custom engine for Persona 5. It is expected that the Atlus will do the same for Persona 6 as well. So, the custom engine will take much more time to develop. However, it is under production for a long time. So, we can expect the game will release soon.

The story of the game series is about a boy from the suburbs part of Japan to Osaka. Due to his father transferred to Osaka, he moved to a new place leaving the old one. He began his new life there, made new friends. But later something strange happens, and his life takes a great turn.

The plot of Persona 6 is one of the best-kept secret till now. But Atlus confirmed that they would update the latest about the upcoming game.

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