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Is Shane Dawson Is Dead- Hoaxes On Twitter

Shane Dawson an American YouTuber is dead at 32 #RIPShane- Is It True?


Shane DawsonΒ is going to be a hot topic of social media. On Monday, the faux-TMZ account tweeted with the hashtag #RipShane had died, this tweet becomes a top Twitter trend.

A rumor has been circulating on media that a Youtuber with 21.8 million subscribers has died. And many people thought it’s true.

Shane Dawson

The news is spreading so quickly on social media as on Facebook, Instagram with the hashtag #RIPShane.

Shane Dawson is not dead

Shane Dawson isn’t dead. It’s just a piece of fake news and an internet scandal that circling social media currently. Twitter account with TMZ as an account name with fake identity has been tweeted that Youtuber Dawson has been dead.

Fully Believe in social media is not good for anything as it doesn’t mean it has some validity or truth.

This was just a hoax on Twitter or a piece of fake news, Shane was alive. Most of the users thought that it was just a joke as many seemed confused about what was happening. Twitter did not immediately respond for comment on whether twitter violates any of the policies. Thousands of followers retweeted the post, adding to the spread of fake news.

Shane Dawson underwent a criticism about his old content

Week of controversies as of 29th June Youtube has temporarily demonetized the channel of Shane. Youtube takes such actions when the creator has put a negative impact on its collective community. As he circulates multiple videos and photos of the star engaging in racist jokes, blackface, sexualizing animals, and minors. But he stated that past behavior is the result of his mental health struggle.

After all, when you thought all the Shane Dawson drama was over, it’s back. And this time fans think he’s dead!

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