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Is There A Wizards Of The Waverly Place Reboot On Work? David Henrie Has The Fans Excited !

David and Selena
Source: Teen Vogue

David Henrie Hints About A Wizards Of The Waverly Place Reboot

Last week, Selena Gomez got the fans excited when she announced that she and David Henrie will star in a movie called β€˜This Is The Year’. Now in a recent interview, David revealed that they would love to do a reboot of the hit show, Wizards of the Waverly Place. He revealed that all of them have constant talks about it. β€œI mean there’s nothing happening yet, but there’s a lot of talks,” David said in a recent interview. β€œWe all talk about it for fun, you know, nothing official, but we all talk about it.”

Wizards Of The Waverly Place
Source: Daily Mail

David Henrie AlreadyΒ  Has Plot Ideas For Wizards Of The Waverly Place Reboot

David Henrie is giving high hopes to the hardcore fans of Wizards Of The Waverly Place as he went a step ahead to reveal that he even has plot ideas that he discussed with Selena and others. This additional information has kept the fans on their toes who are waiting for an official announcement. When asked about the plot, he said, β€œWhat made the show special was that we were a family and the family stuck together. So I think, the great place to start the show would be the opposite version of that.”

Disney Needs To Be Onboard, Says David Henrie

David Henrie understands the expectation and excitement of fans for a possible reboot of Wizards Of The Waverly Place. However, he put up a valid point. He highlighted that nothing would be possible until Disney is excited about the project. The original series was part of the Disney channel. He said, β€œEveryone would be down, but it’s just the matter of timing, I think. And Disney, we have to talk to them too.”

Source: Teen Vogue

David Henrie And Selena Gomez’s Mini-Reunion With β€˜This Is The Year’

David and Selena are going to have a mini stage reunion of Wizards Of The Waverly Place when they will share the screen for the movie This Is The Year. Selena recently made the trailer announcement on Instagram. The caption read, β€œI’m so excited to finally get to share the event trailer for @thisistheyearfilm on my official YouTube channel and let you know that David & I are having a live virtual premiere on August 28th hosted by @charlidamelio and @dixiedamelio. Can’t wait to watch the film with you all!”


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