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Is Tyler and Jaden Smith dating? What is the reaction of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett?

Jaden Smith dating Tyler

Jaden Smith’s relationship now becomes the internet headline. Jaden Smith is opening about his relationship with Tyler, as his “boyfriend”. All we know is Jaden and Tyler, the creator friendship, which is blooming over the year. Their relationship rumour is on the air from past years, but they confirmed their relationship at Grammy 2020.

As Jaden tweeted, ” My Boyfriend just won a Grammy.”

Those who didn’t observe their friendship they shocked but those who noticed didn’t get surprised. The pair have been hanging out since 2013. Jaden Smith expressed his feelings many times. In 2015 he also confirmed his love by posting to Tyler that “I think that I m in love with you and I don’t know I m still figuring out but in the meantime Happy Birthday”.

Jaden Smith

Jaden’s family got to know about his sexuality.

When Jaden Smith disclosed his feelings for Tyler by tweeting Tyler, his boyfriend, his family was a little shocked to know about his sexuality. In the beginning, they were slightly disappointed, but later they accept his son’s sexuality.

But later they showed their interests and started supporting his son’s love. Both Will and Jada were ready to support him in every step.

Jaden Smith is an actor and musician who works in Hollywood and the son of popular actorΒ Will SmithΒ andΒ Jada Pinkett Smith. Furthermore, Jaden is known for his role in the movie with Jackie Chan known as Karate Kid, where he played the main lead.Β 

Will and Jaden reaction after knowing his son relationshipΒ 

Jaden’s parents were unhappy about his relationship according to some of the sources. Due to his health issue, they want Jaden to Smith to overcome his malnutrition problem then involve in relationship matters.

But later the fans were happy about the Jaden’s revealed about his sexuality and his relationship. And society too accepts their relationship.

Tyler The Creator On Jaden SmithΒ 

Tyler did not make much comment about their relationship status. He stays silent and always tried to ignore the questions of having a relationship with Smith. But now it is confirmed that something is going to be there between both the stars.



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