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Is Will Smith Mad At Jaden For Dating Tyler The Creator?

Jaden on the left and Tyler on the right
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Jaden Smith: A Snippet Of His Life!

Is Will Smith Mad At Jaden For Dating Tyler The Creator?:Β We all know Jaden Smith as the son of American rapper, director and actor Will Smith and businesswoman Jada Pinkett Smith?

The 21-year-old rapper has followed his parents’ footsteps and is a part of the film industry too. He made his movie debut alongside his father Will Smith in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness. By 2013, Jaden distanced himself from acting and focused on his singing career.

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Jaden has dated a fair share of women including Sarah Snyder and Kylie Jenner! But, recently, the rapper announced that he is dating Tyler, the creator, another American rapper! This news was a shock to all of us as Jaden was so open about his newfound love for Tyler.

Let us dive into the details of his relationship with Tyler and his family’s reaction!

Jaden And Tyler’s Relationship

Since over a month, rumours about Jaden and Tyler’s relationship have been growing. A few days back, Jaden announced, that Tyler, the creator is his best friend, and he is in love with Tyler.
This news, however, broke the hearts of many girls who dreamt of Tyler or Jaden. Tyler is 29 whereas, the latter is 21. The nine-year difference doesn’t seem to be a problem for either of them.
Tyler attended the Golden Globes this year, and many of us hoped him to say something about his relationship, but he didn’t. However, Jaden was proud that his boyfriend got an award, and he confirmed their relationship.

Is Will Smith Unhappy With Jaden’s Relationship With Tyler?

Rumours say that Will Smith was unhappy with Jaden’s newfound love in Tyler but, no, Will Smith is, in fact, happy that his son has found love. Apart from Will, Jada Pinkett is also excited to make Tyler a part of his family!

Jaden with his father Will Smith
Source: People.com

The reason why Will Smith was pale-faced was that he and Jada are consistently worried about Jaden’s deteriorating health. As Jaden turned into a Vegan since last September, the new diet doesn’t seem to suit his body. It is purely why Will Smith is tensed about Jaden.


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