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Is Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith dating a guy?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son Jaden Smith is a famous rapper and actor. He is getting the spotlight for a dating many celebrities recently. Fans are always interested in who new is added to his dating list.

The rapper and actor has dated many famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner,  Odessa Adlo, Sarah Snyder, Amandla Stenberg, Sofia Richie, cara, Stella Hudgens. Jaden mainly became famous through films like The pursuit of happiness (in which he acted alongside father Will Smith) and The karate kid remake.

It has been long since Jaden is in a new relationship after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Odessa Adlo. They were everyones favourite couple back the. The duo used to spend a lot of time together and attended many events and functions as a couple.
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Is Jaden Smith dating Tyler?

A shocking revelation and confirmation was done when in 2017. Jaden on asked in an interview if he is dating anyone and he went like ‘Tyler is my best friend, I like him a lot’. People were confused about his statement.

However later In 2017, when Tyler won a Grammy to which Smith responded ‘My boyfriend just won a Grammy’. Fans went wild after this comment broke the internet. Not many people knew Jaden was bisexual back then. Nobody was expecting him to out of like this about is sexuality.

However, Tyler didn’t had much to say about their relationship. Tyler always respected and maintained their privacy. Things seems to go pretty well and according to the reports the two are still dating. This revelation was shocking for many people after he broke up with his long time girlfriend Odessa Adlo and started dating a guy. There is nothing wrong to date a guy but fans didn’t expect this and hence a lot of different reactions are being observed on internet on this revelation.

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