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Is Zac Efron’s New Relationship Similar To High School Musical Trilogy?

Is Zac Efron’s New Relationship Similar To High School Musical Trilogy?: Zac Efron has kept his relationship with his girlfriend away from the public eye. Some sweet romantic details about the beginning of their relationship have been doing rounds. Fans don’t want to leave a single piece that comes out about Zac and his girlfriend.

Zac The Heartthrob!

When Zac came on screen for the first time, he suddenly became a sensation. Teenage girls from all around the world were obsessed with his looks. He rose to prominence for his leading role as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical trilogy.

Soon he left his chocolate boy adolescent image and started taking up some mature roles and building up his body accordingly. He got perfect abs for his famous movie Baywatch with the Rock.

Recently, he entered a darker region and played the role of a serial killer, Ted Bundy. Still, the ladies are drooling all over him again. In his movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, he was alongside Lily Collins. And people couldn’t stop talking about their chemistry.

There were rumours of them dating. But these speculations dissolved after the sources found out about Zac’s relationship with another girl.

How He Met His Newfound Love?

And if you think that this girl is some high-end model, THINK AGAIN! The lucky girl is Vanessa Valladares, who works as a waitress in a cafe in Australia. In one of her shifts at the restaurant, she met Zac, and they both clicked instantly. Doesn’t it give a typical Rom-Com vibe?

Reportedly, Vanessa and Zac are having a lot of fun together. They’ve also had a ski trip before this lockdown period. She is very different from the women that Zac has been in a relationship with before.

It looks like Zac is over with Hollywood fame and hustle and he wants to live a simple happy life with his newfound love. Efron hasn’t spoken much about his girlfriend. However, looking at them spending a lot of time together, we can say that the couple is thrilled.

It also looks like she has been a good influence on Zac and has calmed him down a bit. They love to be outdoor together, and they love the time spent with each other.

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