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Israel-Bahrain Deal: Is It Beneficial?

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Israel-Bahrain Deal- Is It Beneficial?
Source: Jamaica Observer

It Is A Win-Win Situation For The Jewish State And Prez Trump

Israel-Bahrain Deal: Is It Beneficial?: On 11th September 2019, Bahrain announced that is it going to be the latest state to recognize Israel. It is a win-win situation for both the Jewish state and president Donald Trump.

The conservatives of the US and the Israeli have dreamt of this for a long time. With this, Israel wins the recognition of Arab without forming a separate state for Palestine, who criticize Bahrain.

In August, United Arab Emirates had also announced that it would recognize Israel. Now, a few weeks later, Bahrain also did the same. Bahrain is ethnically diverse; however, it has a large population of Shia. Iran and Bahrain have tense ties, and Bahrain is entirely dependent on the US.

Unlike President Obama, Trump had sold weapons to Bahrain and wanted it to set up unofficial ties with Israel. On Tuesday, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu will come to White House to sign with both UAE and Bahrain.

Significance Of This Step

This step matters a lot to Israel as the Jewish state will be closer to acceptance in the world than it has ever been in these years. It will help it to connect further with the Gulf with direct flights. However, the Gulf and Israel have a lot of cultural differences, but they are ready to overcome that as they are aware of the opportunities that will come with it.

Role Of President Trump

Trump has been pleased about this, and his supporters are publicizing his move. Trump can now make more substantial claims he has been an ally of historical proportions to Israel. On the other hand, Israel is enjoying the benefits of Trump’s support.

Some people are questioning Trump’s role. They also believe that this agreement is not doing anything to lessen the tension between Israel and Iran. It also doesn’t help in moving it towards a Palestinian state.

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