Israel’s Defence Minister Naftali Bennett Has Claimed That Country Has Made A Significant Breakthrough Towards COVID-19 !

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Covid-19: Overview

First and foremost we all know the effect of COVID-19 on the entertainment, technology, and business industries. Without any doubt, every government of every country. Is especially asking their citizens to completely isolate and Quarantine themselves in their houses. Most importantly every country in the world right now is battling to fight against COVID-19. WHO has already declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic.Β 

In addition to this, every developed country in the world is also fighting for a significant breakthrough towards COVID-19. Most importantly every country is also so planning to develop a vaccine or a drug that can defeat COVID-19. In addition to this many countries including India is especially trying to developed antibodies against COVID-19.COVID-19: Israel Made 'Significant Breakthrough' In ...

However, time taken to develop a drug against COVID-19 is expected to be around 1 year 2 years. In addition to this, countries like Israel. Is especially claiming to have a significant breakthrough towards COVID-19. According to the reports circulated online, Israel has put up certain antibodies against COVID-19 in full isolation. In addition to this keep reading this article until the end. To especially, know exact details with regards to what Israel’s defence minister has to say about this.Β 

Israel’s Statement: Breakthrough Towards COVID-19

In addition to what is written above, please look at this statement which was released by a spokesperson from Israel. Israel Claims Breakthrough In COVID-19 Treatment | Odisha ...

Link to the Twitter post –

Most importantly, Israel announced that they have developed certain antibodies. Especially, to fight against the current Global pandemic and outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to this, a spokesperson released a statement on Twitter on the 5th of May 2020. However, Israel is still looking for some more research against the antibodies which are been developed.Β 

The Research

In addition to this Israel’s Defence Minister give a statement. Especially, after visiting the biological Research Institute of Israel. According to the Defence Minister of Israel, these antibodies can neutralize and attack COVID-19. However, after a certain amount of research they are planning. Especially to procure international manufacturers to produce this drug into millions of amount. Israel develops antibody against coronavirus; claims ...

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