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Its Melania Trump Vs Ivanka Trump As Melania’s Latest Greeting To Ivanka Makes It To Hall Of Memes !

Donald Trump, Melania and Ivanka
Source: India Today

The Feud Between Melania Trump And Ivanka Trump

While Donald Trump is fighting the US elections, there is another battle that is going on inside his own family. The news of feud between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump never gets old. Many at times it comes out as a rumor that all is not well between the stepmother and stepdaughter. Ivanka Trump is the advisor to her father Donald Trump while Melania Trump is the First Lady of the US. However, the two have never clarified from their side or bothered to clear the air around the rumors.

Donald Trump, Melania and Ivanka
Source: India Today

Melania Trump Greeting Ivanka Trump Becomes The Latest Meme

The Republican convention was the talk of the week with Donald Trump accepting the nomination for the presidency from the Republican party. However, there is one thing that has actually gained more eyeballs than the convention. Ivanka and Melania added fuel to the rumors of their cold relationship with a video clip from the convention. In the video, as Ivanka passes by Melania after her speech, the two exchange a smile. However, as soon as Ivanka crosses Melania, Melania’s smile disappears and she rolls her eyes. This video clip has become the latest sensation on the internet and people are talking about it more than the convention.

Melania Trump And Her Outfit Also Becomes A Meme Fest

If her cold encounter with Ivanka was not enough to leave people in splits, Melania also gave another meme template to the memers. For the last day of the convention, Melania wore an elegant green outfit. However, memers took it as an opportunity to use it as a green screen and change the design of her outfit. There were pictures of the coronavirus statistics on her dress. One of the memes showed Kamala Harris.

Donald and Melania
Source: The National

A Book On Melania Trump On The Way

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a friend and former advisor of Melania is coming up with a book called Melania and Me. The book will reveal many things about the rivalry between Melania and Ivanka. It will give accounts of how Melania and Ivanka have tried to downplay each other in the past.

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