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Ivana Trump And Donald Trump: Ex-Wife Ivana Trump Is Stressed About Donald Trump Testing Positive !

Donald Trump Ivana
Source: Politico

Ivana Trump Is Stressed About Donald Trump Testing Positive

By now, it is not a surprise that Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for Coronavirus. However, his ex-wife Ivana Trump is equally worried about her ex-husband. She revealed in an interview that she is in touch with her children and all of them are concerned at the moment. Ivana is the first wife of Donald Trump with whom he shares his three children- Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. She said:

β€œIt’s a very difficult time. It’s stress. I spoke to all my kids, and they, of course, are worried.”

Donald Trump Ivana
Source: Politico

Ivana Trump Reveals Donald Trump Thought He Wouldn’t Get Coronavirus

Ivana Trump has revealed in the past that she still shares a good relationship with her ex-husband Donald. Furthermore, she and Donald discuss many things regularly, which include politics and their children. In her latest interview, she revealed that Trump was optimistic about not getting the virus. Moreover, she said:

β€œHe was careless. He didn’t think it would happen to him.”

However, Ivana did not make any comments on Melania getting the virus and it is believed that the two don’t share a good relationship.

Donald Trump’s Biggest Weakness Is Food, Reveals Ivana

Ivana Trump made many revelations as to how Trump is as a person when it comes to hygiene and health. As per her, she is not very healthy due to his eating habits, but he gives a lot of attention to hygiene. She even went on to say that the biggest weakness of Trump is food. She said:

β€œNot healthiest with food, but very healthy otherwiseβ€”always washes his hands and always is careful. His only weakness is food. He likes the Big Macβ€”it’s his biggest weakness.”

Donald Trump Ivana
Source: CBS News

Donald Trump And Ivana Trump Relationship

Ivana was the first wife of Donald and the two married each other in 1977. It was at the time when Trump was just a businessman with no political aspiration. But, things didn’t work out between the two, and they eventually divorced in 1992. It was Ivana’s second marriage.

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