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Jackass’ Movie: Is It Cancelled Or Postponed? Is This Due To Covid -19!

Jackass' Movie
Jackass' Movie

Jackass Movie Series

Unlike quite a few others, Jackass is actually a movie series which is still continuing because it is obviously quite entertaining. It followed from the original MTV series of Jackass, which is a reality show involving stunts and other tasks.

Till date it has three movies out, the fourth one was about to come by next year. Jackass has always received mixed reviews from its critiques.

Knoxville was there since the very first movie in 2002 and then another which came around 2006-Β Jackass Number Two. All the three parts were directed by Tremaine. Even ‘ Bad Grandpa’ in 2013 was labeled a Jackass Productions.

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Jackass: Cast And Details

Jackass' Movie

Without Knoxville, there isn’t any jackass movie happening. Unfortunately, Ryan Dunn whom we saw for the 2010 movie died exactly next year and cannot possibly return. The other members Steve-O,Β BamΒ MargeraΒ and ChrisΒ PontiusΒ will be back.

Paramount pictures has been announcing a lot of delays lately, and Jackass is one of them. However, I really hope they put theΒ coronavirusΒ led stunts into the movie here and there. It’s scary to go outside now, isn’t it?

We have no details or teasers about theΒ plotline. Waiting seems to be the only option. I personally expect a lot more new ideas and modern stunt forms because times have changed and so has our sense of humour.

Corona Impact Delay

We knew for a fact that Jackass will be back with Knoxville in it again. There was about to be a gap of 10 years between the two movies, 3 and 4. They planned on releasing it on March, early 2021. Looks like paramount pictures has some other things to take care of.

The date of release shifted by 4 months and, directly from March to July 2021. Now there’s an almost 11-year gap.

Delays are very common these days. Since the entire world shut down in early 2020, every possible work has been paused. To make matters worse, we don’t see an escape route. As a result, the production process of loads of TV series,Β NetflixΒ series and Movies have come to a stop.

Keep onΒ bingeing! If you are looking for the old movies in this series, tryΒ Netflix.

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