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Jacob Blake Protest: NBA make their voices heard in Jacob’s Blake Shooting protest

Jacob Blake Protest
Jacob Blake Protest

Many other major sports supported NBA protest in the USA

Jacob Blake Protest: Lloyd Pierce, the Atlanta Hawks Coach, talks to CNN’s John Berman about the NBA members ongoing protest in the wake of Jacob’s Blake shooting. After the incident, the members have decided to opt-out from playoff games on Wednesday.

Their protests provoked many other sports games to do similarly. America saw a never happened situation. For instance, several contests were halted. Also, many MLB and MLS teams influential leaders decided to join in the protest. It caught so much attention that even the next day, it continued. A lot of games were cancelled. The sportsmen were actively supporting the movement and making their voice heard.

Jacob Blake Protest: NBA rosters feature 108 international players from 42 countries and territories |
Jacob Blake Protest

The protest’s aim was simple. Something needs to be done about police violence against black people. Racism must stop for once and all. However, one thing is clear after the protest. The NBA’s members are the heroes of the USA, and public walks the line after them. They can create a large impact on the minds of many young as well as older age groups. It is good to see that the NBA is using their fame for an important cause. Some NBA stars like LeBron James and Chris Paul have firmly taken their stands for a long time on racial injustice.

Why is the NBA voice heard by so many people?

But there is also a practical reason why people believe in the NBA. It is a known fact that the NBA comprises black people far more than any other popular sport in America. For instance, as many as 74% of the NBA were black in 2019. This survey was conducted by The Institute Of Diversity And Ethics in Sports. So, naturally, their actions are taken seriously by many black fans across the world. According to another survey, the NBA fanbases show a lot of variation in colour, opinion and location around the world.

Russel, a former NBA player tweet shows “I’m moved by all the NBA players for standing up for what is right, keep getting in good trouble.”

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