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Jacob Blake’s Father Says ‘NO TO POLITICS’ As Trump Makes Controversial Visit To Kenosha !

Jake Blake's Father
Source: BBC

The Shooting On Jake Blake

The Black Lives Matter protest was spreading across the US and people were coming down to the streets to express their disapproval degrading the racial discrimination in the US. Just when things were cooling down, the police made another mistake. They fired shots at a black man named Jacob Blake. Jacob got seven bullet wounds but fortunately, he did not die. However, his lower body is entirely paralyzed at the moment. The shooting on Jacob Blake has led to a fresh wave of protest to highlight the brutality of the police along with the racial injustice.

Father Of Jacob Blake Not Interested In Meeting Donald Trump

Jacob Blake lives in Kenosha, in the state of Wisconsin and Donald Trump has decided to visit the state after the ongoing violence. However, he is going only to meet the police force. People are agitated with Trump and his response and want him to meet the family of Jacob. However. Jacob’s father doesn’t care for this as the only thing that matters to him is the life of his son. He said, “I’m not getting into politics. It’s all about my son, man. It has nothing to do with a photo op.”

Jacob Blake’s Father Is Not Interested In Politics

The elections in the US are nearing in and there is no doubt that both the parties will make moves very strategically. In the wake of such a situation where any move looks like a political one, Jacob Blake’s father refuses to get himself dirty through politics. He feels taken aback that his happy go lucky son cannot move now. He said, “This is not politics. This is about the life of my son. We are dealing with an individual that a couple of weeks ago was running around with the boys and talking to me on the phone and laughing, to an individual that cannot move his leg.”

Jacob :Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled

Donald Trump May Lose Support Due To Jacob Blake

Donald Trump is heading towards the election amid backlash for the Black Lives Matter protest and coronavirus. His decision to visit the police force and not the family of Jacob Blake has already got the people angry and agitated. He may soon lose support from people if he continues to go down this line.

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