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Jada Pinkett Smith And Keanu Reeves DID NOT Have A Good Chemistry While Shooting The Matrix!

Jada Pinkett Smith, as Niobe.

Jada Pinkett Smith Was Attracted To Keanu Reeves During The Matrix?: The Matrix franchise is a trilogy of sci-fi action films in Hollywood history. You can see the actor in the role of Neo while Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. In the ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy, Jada Pinkett Smith plays the role of Niobe.

The Matrix
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However, actor Jada previously auditioned for the role of Trinity and couldn’t make it into the part.

Jada Pinkett Smith & Keanu Reeves’ Chemistry

In 2015 interview with The Howard Stern Show, Jada revealed that she had initially auditioned for the role of Trinity in “The Matrix” during the making of its first part. However, she ended up portraying the role of Niobe in the Matrix trilogy.

Jada Pinkett Smith plays the role of Niobe.

Also, she revealed the reason that she was unable to get the role. It was due to her not showcasing any chemistry with Keanu during the audition. Also, Trinity in the Matrix is Keanu Reeves’s love interest.

Neo and Trinity love chemistry in 'The Matrix'
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Even though both the actors later became excellent friends, they just didn’t click together that time. Although, when asked if she blamed Keanu Reeves for the ‘bad’ chemistry, she denied the allegations.

She stated that:

“It wasn’t anybody’s fault at that time and it wasn’t just Keanu Reeves but also herself who couldn’t click with him.”

The Role Of Trinity & Niobe In Matrix Movie

Even though Jada didn’t get the role, she wasn’t sad. She was impressed by Moss acting and felt she wouldn’t have been able to portray the role like her. As a result, she felt, actor Carrie-Anne Moss was a perfect choice for the role of Trinity in The Matrix.

Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

Directors, The Wachowskis may not have given her role of Trinity, but they were impressed by her. This lead to them, writing a character called Niobe specifically for her. Besides, Jada was pregnant at that time, this lead to the directors becoming unsure if she would be able to play the role.

Jada Pinkett Smith plays the role of Niobe.
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However, Jada soon delivered a baby at that time, even though she was quite fixed on the role. So she got back into shape within a month and started the shooting for Matrix.

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