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Jada Pinkett Smith And Wesley Snipes Were Really Dating? Check It Out Here

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Was Jada Pinkett Smith Dating Wesley Snipes?

Jada Pinkett Smith And Wesley Snipes Were Really Dating? Check It Out Here:Β Ever since 1997, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been together. Their link also falls into the spotlight, falling under public and paparazzi scrutiny alike.

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However, they have been able to clear up a lot of uncertainty surrounding their whirlwind dynamic through Red Table Talk. They are happily married today. They together they have two children: Willow and Jaden. Will Smith has another son, Trey, from an earlier marriage.

Details About Their Relationship

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Although Will Smith and Pinkett Smith have been connected for more than two decades. Before meeting each other, both had other romantic relationships. From 1992 until 1995, Will Smith was married to Sheree Zampino (Hollywood Exes, Eloise at the Plaza). As for Pinkett Smith, a great deal of her pre-Will Smith love life remains a mystery. Yet, some evidence indicates that in her early 20s, she was entangled with Wesley Snipes.

In the early 1990s, Pinkett Smith briefly dated Snipes until she went on to meet and tie the knot with the star of I Am Legend. According to ETOnline.

It states that at the 21st Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement awards honouring Liz Taylor in 1993, Pinkett and Snipes made a public appearance together.

Information about their relationship remains scarce. However, photographs of the two cosying up to each other back in the day show that at one point they were very together.

Pinkett Smith is almost a decade younger than Wesley Snipes, so when they started dating, he had more time invested in his career. Though the two were not made to last, one of the key people tied to the history of Pinkett Smith remains Snipes.

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