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Jada Pinkett Smith Was Indeed In A Relationship With August Alsina!

Source: Us Weekly

Jada Pinkett Smith Was Indeed In A Relationship With August Alsina!:Β After singer August Alsina’s shocking revelation about his and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship became viral, everybody waited for Jada Pinkett to confirm. But, initially, she denied having relations with August. However, in a recent interview, Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed that she had a relationship with Alsina.

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Jada is married to Will Smith since 1997, and they have two kids together. Then, why did Jada cheat on Will? Let’s get into the details of this controversy.

Red Table Talk

Red Table Talk is a famous American web TV show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield- Jones (Jada’s mom). In this show, the three women from different generations come together for candid conversations with their family.

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith in the frame
Source: Joy Musa

Due to the recent events, Jada promised the audience that she is going to address the alleged relationship on the show. Jada said:

“I think it was important to come to the table and clear the air. Somebody made a statement for me, that wasn’t a statement I made, that went cray-cray.”

During the show, Jada Pinkett reluctantly accepted that she was in a relationship with Alsina about four and a half years ago.

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Jada’s Relationship With August Alsina

Alsina stirred up another controversy concerning Will Smith. He claimed that Will gave them his blessings. However, during the Red Table Talk,Β the couple admitted they were going through a difficult time, and they broke up to figure out how to make themselves happy.

Jada Pinkett & August Alsina
Source: Entertainment Tonight

When talking about her relationship with Alsina, Pinkett said:

“It was a personal journey that became very public for whatever reason. At first, he needed help, and I wanted to help is health, his mental state. But somewhere, things led to a different kind of entanglement.”

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Is Will Smith Divorcing Jada?

No, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are not getting a divorce. Although, August Alsina’s sudden revelation might seem like a ‘problem in paradise,’ but, Will and Jada are happier than ever.

Jada and Will confirmed that they had a rough patch and almost got divorced a few years back. But, regardless of all the difficulties, Will and Jada came out of it.

Jada, however, confirmed that Will did not grant his permission to August so that he could be with Jada. Whatever happened between the two is in the past, and Will seems like he’s fine.

Remembering their issues, Will said:

“I was done with you.”

To this, Jada said:

“You kicked me to the curb.”

They ended their discussion by saying something in unison. They said:

“We ride together, and we die together. Bad marriage for life.”


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