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Jaden Enjoys A Night Out In Malibu Post Jada’s Revelation!

Jaden Smith in the frame
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Enjoys A Night Out In Malibu Post Jada’s Revelation!: Not so long ago, Jada Pinkett spilt the beans on her former relationship with rapper August Alsina. But, Jaden Smith did not seem to care about it and enjoyed a blissful night out in Malibu with Willow!

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The brother-sister have been vacationing in Malibu for a few days now, and are living their best lives!

Let us talk about Jaden and Willow’s fun night out!

A Night To Remember!

The brother-sister duo spent the evening in a Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu. Willow looked sporty as well as comfortable in an oversized hoodie and a mask as she came with her boyfriend, Tyler Cole.

Jaden Smith in the frame
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden, on the other hand, donned a bright turquoise coat, as he jokingly tried to sneak out of the restaurant. He wore sneakers and various chains around his neck. The 22-year-old even wore ‘funky’ round-framed glasses.

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The Siblings Enjoy!

Amid the pandemic, the siblings are enjoying their time in Malibu. The brother-sister duo even went to beaches and restaurants with some friends. All in all, the kids are having a blast in Malibu.

But, the question that arises is how come Jaden and Willow have nothing to comment on Jada’s recent revelation. Are they ignoring the press and enjoying their time? or, they are nonchalant towards the whole debacle.

Jaden Smith with Jada Pinkett Smith
Source: Essence

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However, the siblings’ outing came after Jada dropped the bomb on her show. Perhaps, the siblings going away was Will and Jada’s move to save them from tonnes of controversies.

Has Jaden Forgiven Jada?

It’s no secret that Jaden and August, both being rappers, were friends and reportedly, Jaden introduced August to Jada. However, we expected Jaden to react something against August when Jada revealed her relationship with August.

Nonetheless, neither Jaden nor Willow reacted on their mother’s infidelity. On the contrary, both are enjoying their time in Malibu. We, however, couldn’t help but wonder that maybe Jaden forgave his mom for being in an ‘entanglement’ with Alsina.

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