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Jaden Hits The Beach With Some Friends In Malibu!

Jaden Smith in the frame
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Hits The Beach With Some Friends In Malibu!:Β After Jada’s truth bomb about her relationship with August Alsina, sources say that Will and Jada sent Jaden and Willow to Malibu to get away from the press. By this, they can avoid answering uncomfortable questions about their mom.

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However, Jaden and Willow are making the best of their time in Malibu. Recently, the siblings were hanging out on the beach with Tyler Cole (Willow’s boyfriend), Kendell Jenner and a few other friends.

Let us dig into the details of this fun trip!

Summer Hues!

Summer is here, and, despite the global pandemic, people aren’t stopping themselves from going onto the beaches and enjoying the summer hues! Similarly, Jaden and Willow are making the most of their vacation in Malibu by spending their time on the beach.

After Jada’s revelation, Jaden seemingly needed to get out of the house and go right onto the beach. On their beach day, Jaden was donning a bright pink bathing suit and hanging out with his best friends Kendell Jenner and Disney stars Moises Arias and Harry Hudson.


Jaden, Kendell and some friends
Source: CelebsYou

Kendell got her dog, and the friends were playing with it. Moises even clicked several pictures of Kendell with her dog.

Jaden seemed in a good mood as he splashed around the water and played with his best friends.Β Apart from the beach day, the best friends went to a restaurant called Nobu, where Willow and Tyler also joined them.


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Jaden Is Nonchalant About His Almost Broken Family!

Amidst all this, perhaps, Jaden and Willow believe that their parents can sort out everything amongst themselves. But, let’s be real, Jada’s infidelity was a huge blow for Will as he loved and cherished her regardless of their brief separation.

However, another reason why Jaden and Willow are quiet about their parents is that they are opting to enjoy themselves while the news dies out. But, honestly, this news is not going to die out soon.

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Kendell Sports A Lilac Bikini!

The summer heat showed us, Kendell Jenner, flaunting a lilac bikini while enjoying with Jaden and others. Her bikini perfected flaunted her hourglass figure as she went in for a swim.

Jaden, Kendell and some friends
Source: Daily Mail

The 24-year-old tied her hair in a loose bun wearing a T-shirt and a cap to cover herself from the heat. Yet, we couldn’t miss Kendell’s stunning face as she was the most recognizable.

Jaden and Kendell have been friends for a long time, and this retreat for the Smiths and their friends was fun and a change from the routine for everyone.


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