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Jaden Smith and Machine Gun Kelly killed their outfits like nobody else. Both were the best dressed at MTV’s VMA

VMAs 2020 held its red carpet last night, and some of the most amazing stars showed up there. The two celebrities that really stood out and amazed everyone we’re Jaden Smith and Machine Gun Kelly. Both their styles were unique and amazing in their own ways.

The MTV VAM 2020.

Where Jaden smith representing his new single CTV3, was wearing a white boxy chic day time blazer. The blazer had colorful prints all over, which, in a way, represented his new aesthetic, which is also bloody, colorful, and full of positivity. He wore plain grayΒ jeans and chunky white sneakers. Which helped make the structured jacket feel more youthful.

Whereas, Machine Gun Kelly front tip to toe wear hot pink. On the top, he wore a pink turtle neck sleeveless shirt. He paired it up with loose pink pants and black footwear. He carried a pink blazer all along as well. His style was feminine and strong at the same time, and Kelly absolutely killed it.

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Both wore completely different styles, but it seemed like their message was common and yet loud. It was uptown style good, but the uptown-meets-downtown style is even better. Fans absolutely love their style and appreciate both of them. According to the reports, they were the best-dressed man on VMA MTV.

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

Many other celebrities showed up at the event as well, from Lady Gaga, who shares the stage with the most beautiful Ariana Grande, who became the first female to cross 200 million, to Bella Hadid, who stunned everyone with her sexy yet chic outfit. Every celebrity has a message to share, along with their unique and amazing outfit.

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