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Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Join Mother Jada Pinkett For Breonna Taylor Protest !

Jaden, Willow And Jada
Source: Instagram

Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Join Mother For Protest

Jada Pinkett Smith is an actor and wife of legendary actor Will Smith. She has given birth to Jaden and Willow Smith who has also chosen a path similar to that of their parents. Jaden and Willow decided to join their mother, who was one of the people leading the protest. The protest was to fight the inhuman killing of Breonna Taylor. The protest was full of chants from the protesters who were shouting “No justice, no peace,” and “Justice for Breonna Taylor”. Social justice group Until Freedom was the organizer of the protest.

Protest for Breonna Taylor
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What Jada Pinkett Smith Had To Say On Breonna Taylor Protest

Jada Pinkett also got a chance to speak from the podium and gave a strong impression. She said, “One thing I want you to know [is] that it does not go unseen that the revolution stands on your shoulders. I want you to know that we want to say thank you because it is you standing out here that’s gonna keep shining a light on Breonna’s name. Taylor’s mother was part of the protest to fight for the justice of her daughter. Jada further said, “And, what we need is justice for our sister Breonna, and that’s why we are here today. And that’s why my family is here today. From one family to another — to Tamika, we wanted to come here, show her love and amplify your voice and amplify the life of your daughter.”

Jaden Smith Posts On Breonna Taylor Protest

Jada Pinkett would have felt proud to see her children join her in the protest. More than anything, they were also active during the protest. The three of them wore the t-shirt of Until Freedom. Jaden Smith even posted about the protest on his Instagram handle. The post said, “No Justice, No Peace. This Is Going To Be A Life-Long Battle For Our Generation, Buckle Up, and get ready to vote. #justiceforbreonnataylor'”

Jaden, Willow And Jada
Source: Instagram

What Are Jada, Jaden, And Willow Protesting About?

Jada and her kids are protesting for the death of Breonna Taylor. Breonna dies in March police made a late-night raid on her apartment which she shared with her boyfriend. Apparently, the police raided the wrong house and shot Breonna eight times. Her death led to a lot of protests, and the Until Freedom protest was one of them.


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