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Jaden Smith: Anxiety Takes Over Jaden Amid The COVID Crises

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Jaden Smith Anxiety Takes Over Jaden Amid The COVID Crises: Jaden Smith, the 22-year-old singer admitted that he’s facing anxiety for the first time. Considering the surge of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic in the USA, naturally, the citizens are afraid irrespective of whether they’re celebrities or not.

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Recently, in an interview, Smith opened up about his anxiety issues. So, without further ado, let us get into the details of that interview.

Jaden Has Anxiety

Smith admitted that before this situation, he didn’t know what anxiety really was, and now that he’s facing it, his worries are through the roof. But he knows he’s not the only one facing anxiety.

Jaden Smith at MTV Music Awards
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Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Jaden said:

“The anxiety is going through the roof for everybody, and it’s crazy. And I never really knew what anxiety was until recently, either. I’m just stressed out about everything, and it’s crazy.”

Further, he added:

“It doesn’t happen to me too much, but when it does, it happens. It’s very strong. Sometimes it’s work-related, and then sometimes you can really see that it’s true genuine anxiety, where it’s just like anything and everything.”

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We Are All In This Together

Let’s be real, like Jaden, there are several million in the world that are facing mental health issues after being stuck at their places with no source of escapism. Moreover, now that people are paying more heed to mental health, people know and understand if a person is not keeping himself/herself healthy.

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Similarly, while opening about his anxiety, Jaden talks about several others who go through this every day. He said:

“We are all being aware of different mental health issues in the world right now because we’re all being isolated with ourselves, so we’re very much so being confronted with our thoughts. Some people are okay with that, and some people aren’t. Talking about it with people is the best way to get over it.”

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Jaden Drops His Surname

Amid this, Jaden took a major step in his singing career by dropping his surname. While talking, he mentioned how after Willow dropped her surname for her music, it inspired him to do it.

Jaden admits that leaving his surname has compartmentalized his music career in many ways. He said:

“I create different characters for myself, and it’s like Jaden- that’s music; Jaden Smith- that’s acting in movies. I just wanted to make that little distinction there, just a little bit.”



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