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Jaden Smith BEATS A Professional Boxer ! The Singer Is BACK To His Fit Self !

Jaden Smith Goes For A Cryotherapy Session

Jaden Smith is trying out different things nowadays and one of them is cryotherapy. The actor and musician decided to go for a session that people take for their health benefits. He did the session with David Blaine who was preparing for one of his stunts. David said, “The way this helps my next stunt is when I’m going up in the balloons, riding all the way up, basically every thousand feet you lose three and a half degrees.” Jaden Smith decided to tag along and test himself.

Jaden Smith
Source: YouTube

Jaden Smith Lasts For Three Minutes In His Cryotherapy Session

Jaden Smith impressed everyone with what he did. Many people find it difficult to keep themselves inside for even one minute. However, Jaden proved he has nerves of steel. He went inside the chamber saying, “I’ll try to stay in there for as long as I possibly can.” Jaden stayed true to these words as he remained inside the chamber for an impressive three minutes. During the three minutes, his body was exposed to dropping the temperature from liquid nitrogen. He wore swim trunks and gloves to stay clear of frostbite.

Jaden Smith Beats A Professional Boxer In Cryotherapy

Jaden Smith’s record of three minutes is a testimony of how much physical pressure he can handle. When he came out of the chamber, he was shivering like he had come straight from Antarctica. However, soon he realized a very cool fact. The place had a professional boxer a day before he came and the boxer came out of the chamber in just a minute. Jaden was himself shocked and somewhat proud of himself on hearing this. On the other hand, David said, “He got knocked out in one round!” Jaden Smith is a true fighter.

Jaden Smith
Source: YouTube

Jaden Smith Is Not The Weak Pale Person He Used To Be

There was a time when everyone was worried about Jaden and his health. He had gone pale due to some deficiency and it had taken some drastic turn on his health. However, in the video of Jaden going for cryotherapy, we see him flexing is a toned and healthy physique. This gives relief to his fans that he is healthy and the pale Jaden is in the past.

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