Jaden Smith Called Tyler, The Creator “His Boyfriend”? Well, It’s Complicated!

Jaden Smith And tyler
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Jaden And Tyler

Rumored dating news between Tyler and Jaden Smith spreading for a couple of years now. And Jaden fueled the news over and over again himself. The duo is in a mysterious relationship for a long time till now. But if you are a die-hard fan of any of them, you already know the chemistry between them.

Jaden And Tyler’s Relationship In 2020

In Grammy Awards 2020, Tyler won the award for Best Rap Album. After the win, Jaden took over his Twitter account and celebrated it. He posted ” My BF Just Won A Grammy ” in his capitalized signature style font.

Jaden Smith And Tyler
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The rumors about the dating between them started back in 2018. Tyler organized a Camp Flog Carnival in 2018. While appearing in the carnival, Smith said, ‘Tyler doesn’t want to say. But Tyler’s my motherf*cking boyfriend. And he’s been my motherf*cking boyfriend my whole f*cking life.”

Tyler reacted nothing in the incident but shaking his head and fingers. Later Jaden Smith tweeted not to deny the relationship between the two. Tyler replied to the tweet, saying, “hahaha, you are crazy n*a man.”

Jaden And Tyler’s Past Relationships

Earlier days, they both dated different celebrities. In 2013, Jaden dated Kylie Jenner. Later from 2015 to 2017 Jaden dated Sarah Synder. During the time the couple often was seen cuddling & smooching publicly. But everything good comes to an end, and the two broke up.

Jaden Smith And Tyler
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Sarah inspired Jaden numerous times, especially in his debut album “Syre”. The Kylie-Jaden relationship is also a hot topic once. Jaden credited for Kylie’s break up with Tyga. Also in Oct 2019, Jaden rumoured to be involved in Kylie’s break up with rapper Travis Scott. This is more surprising as the rumors came out even after Jaden’s CFGC confession.

As for Tyler, he confessed that he is queer previously. But fans criticized him for using homophobic and misogynistic words in his lyrics. He frequently uses ‘faggot’ in his lyrics and on Twitter. Later he described he uses the word to stupid things. Also, he supports the gay community.

Amid all the rumors and complications, Jaden’s latest tweet about Tyler may confirm their relationship. However, for the fans, it remains quite confusing and un-predictable.

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