Jaden Smith Claims His Sister is ’Strong’ To Not Add Her Last Name. Check it out now!
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Jaden Smith Claims His Sister Is ’Strong’ To Not Add Her Last Name

Jaden Smith Claims His Sister Is’ Strong’ To Not Add Her Last Name: Jaden Smith, the 22-year-old son of Will Smith, is very supportive of her younger sibling. Their relationship is very pure, and the two for each other’s success like anything else—Jaden Smith in an unmade a statement about sibling Willow. Check out everything you need to know.

Willow Smith’s Is A Strong Individual.

Willow Smith is not the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Smith or sister of Jaden Smith but also a powerful individual herself. She is known for her classy style. Willow was recently in the news for buying a million-dollar house on herself.


In an interview, Jaden Smith was asked why he goes by his first name usually to which he responds that in point he realized that her sister Willow used to go with her first name in public which is just Willow. She did that to make her name in the world.


Jaden shares that he thinks the move is powerful and her sister inspires her in many ways. He also says that removed your surname to make your worth is a decisive move and not many people would do that.

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Smith then mentioned in the interview that it took him a while to notice that change. But the time he saw that he was stunned and amazed by her sister’s bravery. He says he is very proud of her to do that.


However, now both Jaden and Willow go just by their first names in their professional front. They do it so that they are not considered someone from a prominent wealthy family. But are known for their talent. What do you think about this strong move?

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