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Jaden Smith Directs and Shoots For His NEW Song With A QUIRKY Outfit Amid Coronavirus Scare !

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Smith Is Back In Business

Many things have taken place in Jaden’s life in the past few weeks. He was first seen at a protest with his mother and sister for Breonna Taylor. Within few days, people saw his outrage when he tweeted against Youtuber Shane Dawson for sexualizing his sister in a video. However, Jaden was surprisingly silent all through the time his parents made headlines after August Alsina claimed a relationship with his mother in the past. Looks like Jaden has moved on from these issues as he was seen shooting for his new song.

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Smith Shoots For His New Song

The coronavirus has affected everyone’s life but Jaden Smith seems to be at ease. He was seen shooting for a song a few days back in Pacific Palisades. Apparently, the eldest son of Will and Jada is starring in the music video. Moreover, Jaden was also the one directing this video. Jaden has himself not revealed when the music video will be released. However, since the video part is done, fans of Jaden can expect the release very soon.

Jaden Smith Goes Ahead With A Quirky Outfit

Jaden is known for being different when it comes to fashion. He did not disappoint the onlookers for he was wearing a technicolor suit jacket. The jacket was mainly blue colored with pink patches and floral design. He also wore a similar kind of shirt and pants to match with the suit. The brother of Willow Smith accessorized his outfit with some chains around his neck. Fans will be pleased to see Jaden in a different yet quirky outfit.

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

Coronavirus Hits Jaden’s Shooting

Besides his outfit, onlookers couldn’t help but notice that Jaden had a very small and reduced crew for the shooting of his song. People also noticed Jaden instructing the crew about how to set up the camera. He also went to check the video after every shot. The shooting of the video took place in the car parking of the beach. Jaden was shooting around a multi-colored car. He even lied down on the bonnet of the car as a part of the shoot for his music video.

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