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Jaden Smith Ditches His Quirky Fashion But His Latest Album ‘CTV 3’ Is All Over His Dinner Outfit !

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Smith Goes For A Simple Outfit As He Steps Out For Dinner

Jaden Smith is just like his father Will Smith. Both are trendsetters in different arenas. While Will Smith pushes the boundaries of film making, Jaden Smith does something similar with fashion. He is very famous for his quirky fashion sense. Only he can pull off the outfits that he wears for the red carpet and for his music videos. To give life to his style of fashion, he even has his own line of clothing. However, Jaden Smith decided to go with something mainstream when he stepped out to have dinner celebrity hotspot Nobu in Malibu, California.

Jaden Smith Promotes His New Album Even As He Goes For Dinner

Jaden Smith knows how to sell his music. He recently released his new album CTV 3 which became an instant hit. It had notable cameos from people like Justin Bieber which heightened the curiosity of the people. Now while stepping out for dinner, he wore very simple ripped jeans which he paired with a black hoodie. He also wore a black mask that went with his overall outfit. Moreover, his hoodie looked like merchandise from his latest album as the front of it had the print CTV 3.

Jaden Smith Is Listening To All Kinds Of Music During Quarantine

The lockdown and quarantine due to coronavirus is giving a lot of free time to the people. Jaden Smith is utilizing this time to listen to different kinds of music to draw inspiration for his own music. He said in his latest interview, β€œI just wanted to be able to really listen into different types of style of music, and pull in different inspirations that I could use for my own music, whether that be vocal harmonies, whether that be different types of pedals on guitar, whether that be playing guitar in general, you know?”

Source: Independent

Jaden Smith Is Getting Better With Playing Guitar

Jaden Smith has also used his time to hone his skills as a guitar player. He said, β€œThe fact that I can play a few songs and I can do this, and I can practice singing on guitar, that’s what I really care about. Because now, I can have a personal connection with the instrument, where it helps me to express emotions.”

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