Jaden Smith Embraces A Series Of Bold Looks For Wonderland Fashion Shoot


Along with his younger sister Willow, he drew legions of followers to march to the sound of his drum when it comes to sartorial offerings.

And Jaden Smith, 22, offered another preview into his unique sense of style in a recent photoshoot for Wonderland magazine’s winter cover.

As well as presenting a storm in an eclectic variety of ensembles, the actor revealed that his style influenced Robert Pattinson and Batman’s character.

In his shoot, the son of Hollywood stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are seen sporting variously patterned and richly-hued accessories, accessorized with beaded jewellery.

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I love Batman

Shrouding his athletic frame with baggy silhouettes, he’s wearing corduroy, colourful patterned knitwear and tie-dye prints for photographer Meg Young.

Speaking with Dayna Southall about his look, he said, ‘I always say that Chris Isaak is one of my fashion idols, which is true. I still say the same to Batman, which is also true.

‘I love Batman, truly. Honestly, he’s got some of the best style, as well as Bruce Wayne. I’m just looking at them and the movies to find the best match and the right theme. I’m looking at science-fiction movies.
Waxing lyrical about his beloved science-fiction movies, he continued: ‘Maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey. I love Ready Player One. I love Tenet, all the outfits in Tenet. Only Robert Pattinson, no matter what Robert Pattinson wears.

‘I’m so happy to see Robert Pattinson as Batman. I love John David Washington, too, and whatever John David Washington wears, he’s an inspiration to my look.

‘I watched Tenet seven times; I’m not even half done with the number of times I’m going to watch that series.

I’ve got to replay it again because the first time you’re just enjoying it. And the second time you’re like, “OK, I have to think,” But it was a sick movie.

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