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Jaden Smith Had Trouble With This Movie Scene

Jaden smith

In one year, Jaden Smith matures into adulthood. He plays Daryn, a senior high school student, but after a flurry of romance and standing up to his parents, Daryn takes hold of his own Life. Life In the Year Director Mitja Okorn claims that the star was always dealing with some teenage issues behind the scenes, including the parent’s Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s shadows.

Okorn was talking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet by Zoom. He shared how he helped Jaden come into his own during an incredibly emotional life in a day, now available on Amazon Prime.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were involved with ‘Life In a Year’

The Smiths business Overbrook produced Life In a Year, and Will and Jada were set up with Jaden. Okorn said that he often got ideas from listening to Will talking to his son.

But it was great to have him on the set. He was there, but most of the time he was only concerned with what his son was doing. He gave him advice a lot of times, and I was listening. I would never have known about it. So I’ve heard a lot from Will and Jada. Often I’ve been listening, too, and I’m like, ‘No, no. Will, you don’t know the storey as well as I do.’ This is my internal monologue. I haven’t said it. ‘He’s not allowed to weep here, and if he tears out here, and he has to cry the next scene, it’s going to be too much weeping.’ 90% of the time his remarks were terrific. He got so much experience that he might easily be a manager. He’s expected to direct a movie. I think he’s going to be healthy.

Jaden Smith couldn’t stand up to his movie mothe

Daryn is in love with Isabelle (Cara Delevingne), who’s dying of cancer. This distracts him from the college applications that annoy his dad, Xavier (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). But it was Nia Long, the mother of Daryn, Catherine, who stopped Jaden in his tracks.

He was so well brought up that when we had a scene when his movie mother yelled at him, like, ‘Stop,’ Jaden stopped,” Okorn said. “Even though he was meant to protest against the scene and say, ‘No, I’m not stopping.’ This is a big battle against the mother. It’s like he was programmed every time she said no. He was like, ‘The older person I have to respect is asking me to stop, so I’m going to stop.

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