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Jaden Smith Has A Whole Level Of Maturity And Creativity In “CTV3:Cool Tape Vol.3”

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Jaden Smith Shows His Maturity And Creativity In New Album


The music of Jaden Smith is frequently erratic and messy in practice, though fascinating in concept. First, he is a human rights activist. Second, an artist discussing problems such as the water crisis in Flint and food shortages in homeless communities. At the same time, critics and former fans have strongly criticised him in the past. Jaden has managed to bounce back, producing perhaps his best project yet. His latest record, CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 reflects a new period in his career of maturity and cohesiveness.

Jaden gave us the singles ” Cabin Fever “and” Rainbow Bap “before releasing the album in its entirety. Sweet guitar and surprisingly stunning vocals gave us a peek of what was to come on the album. The songs were received well, shocking critics who expected the unqualified Jaden to have another project.

Jaden Talks About The Album

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The story told by CTV3 is a prequel to SYRE and ERYS, his first two studio albums.

Jaden said in an interview with Zane Lowe, “It’s sort of happening when I’m like 15 going all the way up to 17 and how did SYRE get caught up in the sunset,”

He was referring to the idea behind SYRE, a kid who’s chasing the sunset so long that it’s beginning to chase him back. There is a vibrant and upbeat sound in comparison to these first two songs, one that induces bliss and harmony, seemingly reflecting his emotional journey before that of SYRE.

The lack of originality and elegance in his previous work is a persistent theme in the criticism Jaden has got.

Β In the same interview with Zane Lowe, he said, β€œI have to like catch my own vibe, you know what I mean?”

The persistence of Jaden is admirable. He is significantly improving, probably enough to achieve the momentum that he always dreamed of. While the album was often sluggish, it had a great vibe overall and showed tremendous development. I’d rate it as a good 7.5/10. We are excited to see what Jaden is throwing at us next, and hopefully, the creative maturation trend present in Cool Tape Vol. will continue. 3

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