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Jaden Smith: If I Wanna Wear A Dress, Then I Will, And That Will Set The New Wave! Breaking Gender Stereotypes!

Jaden Smith Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes
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The 22-year-old Rapper is one-handedly destroying gender stereotypes. If you’re unaware, let me inform you that, Jaden smith son of Will Smith has always been an activist where needed. As a result, the Rapper is setting a standard norm ahead of Society. Whereas the community doesn’t count it as usual. Wait! It’s been the 21st century, and people are still living with the same broad mentality. Well, it would be very wrong to include every person; many others believe in breaking gender stereotypes and further. Does a Boy Wearing skirt bothers you? In my opinion, it does not bothers me or makes me uncomfortable at all as we’re all human and have a democracy to choose your way of being. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the same.Β 

Jaden Smith Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Jaden Smith Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes
Source: Mic

The Young, educated Rapper is performing well in every field, be it Political or social he puts ahead his point of view. Son of Will Smith has an obsession with Skirts and Other Clothes which are not worn by Men’s. Well! To make it clear, the intention behind the habit is beneficial for people residing in Society. The main reason behind it is jaden wants to break Gender stereotypes that have been practising in the Society for a long time now. He says that it will genuinely help kids that are being bullied every day on their clothing preference. As he’s in a

power position, People would follow him and the good cause. He Once tweeted “If I Wanna Wear A Dress, Then I Will, And That Will Set The New Wave… -JADEN SMITH #ICON.”

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Comments OverΒ 

Jaden Smith Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes
source: NBC News

The Parent of Jaden has no regrets over Their son’s decision as it is for a good cause. They are super proud of him and themselves that they have raised him well. Jada at Red Table Talk stated, “He has his opinions on that for sure,”.Β “I retrieve Will calling me and being like, ‘Have you talked about this Jaden and him wearing a skirt?’ And I said, ‘Yeah I have. He’s pretty happy about it.” As a result, both of them respects his decision.Β 

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