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Jaden Smith Is Dying And This Has Wrecked Jada & Will Smith?

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Jaden Smith Is Dying, And This Has Wrecked Jada & Will Smith?:Β The 21-year-old rapper is in the news for many reasons. Over the past few months, Jaden’s talked about his sexuality. He recently confessed that he is in a relationship with a fellow rapper Tyler, the creator.

However, the news that struck us the most was about Jaden’s staggering health conditions. We’ve all been aware of Jaden Smith’s health conditions for almost a year.

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But, the most saddening thing is that he’s suffering from nutritional imbalance. Let us talk about Jaden’s staggering health.Β 

Jaden Smith Is Dying, And This Has Wreaked Jada & Will Smith

We all know that Jaden is the son of legendary rapper and actor Will Smith and actor Jada Pinkett Smith. The Smiths are one of the best families in the industry.

Jaden Smith in the frame
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Jada and Will are too concerned about Jaden’s health. They have shown their worries over Jaden several times. In September 2019, we all noticed Jaden turning pale. He looked malnourished. Reports say that since 2019, his health is decreasing and he faced nutritional imbalance since then.

Jaden looked so pale and malnourished that even his fans realised that something was wrong with him.

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What Is The Reason Behind Jaden’s Illness?

It’s no secret that Jaden turned a Vegan last year. Will Smith says that his Veganism has caused his nutritional imbalance. The Veganism did not suit his body, but it brought out the worst in him.

Source: The Independent

Will, however, set a ‘Smith Family Meeting’ where the entire family discussed Jaden’s health and ways to improve it. While Will and Jada are worried about Jaden and doing everything they can to help Jaden with his illness; his fans are constantly asking him to see medical advice.

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Is Jaden Dying?

Jaden lacks Omega 3, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. These deficiencies are getting ahead of his health and stopping him from recovering. Treatment will help him, but it will take a lot of time for him to recover.

While being a vegetarian is not a bad thing, but for Jaden, it has ruined his health like never before. The Smith family is hoping for Jaden to get better and continue with his life normally.

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We believe, Jaden will have to return to eating proper food (not vegan) so that he gains proteins and gets well soon. We hope Jaden recovers soon and gets back to his life!

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