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Jaden Smith Is No Longer To Continue With His Birth Name!Does Jaden want to disassociate with his parents?

Jaden SmithΒ decided to solely go by the name ‘Jaden.’

Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith, is no longer to use his last name. Jaden’s in interviewed Apple music said he is no longer to use his full name.

As he was getting inspired by his sister Willow Smith as she no longer goes with his original name. He felt that decision of Willow is powerful. The actor of The Pursuit of Happyness opened out how his sister influences him to go with the single name ‘Jaden’.

Jaden Smith

Does Jaden want to disassociate with his parents?

While looking to the current scenario to Jaden wants to change his name pretends that he is no longer to associate with his parents.

Β But Jaden said that “I make several characters for myself and that’s also one of the reasons I love Bowie so much, but I create different characters for myself and it’s like Jaden that’s music, Jaden Smith is like,501(c) (3) that’s acting in movies.

“I wanted to make that little difference there, just a little bit so that I could just….. different things are happening.”

Jaden Smith was appreciating his sister’s decision to change the name and said, it feels so strong that you don’t have to say Willow Smith rather, you only say, Willow.

That why Jaden has also be Jaden.

Jaden Smith and his relation with family

Jaden Smith, an American rapper, made his mind for this transition. He decided to drop Smith from his name. All was started when Jada Pinkett reveals about her relationship with the singer August Alsina. Jaden is having a successful career as an actor, model, and musician. He also owns a clothing brand. All he wants to make his identity individual. He is trying to be strong and stand for himself.

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