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Jaden Smith Is Not DYING But He Has Not Left His Life-Taking VEGAN Diet !

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

When Jaden Smith Turned Vegan In 2019

Jaden Smith Is Not DYING: In 2019, Jaden Smith decided to become a vegan. With this, his diet got entirely changed, and he cut himself from all kinds of meat. However, his vegan diet could not provide him with the same amount of nutrients. Within no time, Jaden started becoming pale, and his skin started turning grey. People were shocked when they saw Jaden as a pale figure in one of his photos. However, he was adamant about his diet and avoided health-related questions from the media. His fans were particularly worried about his vegan diet as it was taking a negative toll on his health.

Jaden Smith in the frame
Source: newslagoon.com

When Will And Jada Decided To Intervene

After the horrific pictures circulating on the internet, Jaden’s parents Will and Jada decided to take matters into their own hands. They took medical advice and soon discovered that their son had a deficiency in Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3. There were later reports that his parents were taking care of his diet to get him back to his best health. Jaden’s health-related news came down when Jada’s relationship rumours started making headlines.

Jaden Smith Is Back To Being Fit

As a huge relief to his fans, Jaden has come back stronger and has become fit after turning pale earlier this year. The evidence of his fitness can be seen from the latest photos that are making rounds on the internet. Jaden recently shot for his upcoming music video in which he is seen wearing a blue and pink floral jacket. His appearance clearly showed that he has become more muscular. Jaden did not look pale at all and was at his best health.

Jaden Smith
Source: Daily Mail

Jaden Has Not Left His Vegan Diet

The latest pictures showed that Jaden had regained his fitness. One would assume he has left his vegan diet to do so. However, some threads suggest that Jaden is still into a vegan diet. The biggest indication is that shoe brand New Balance has launched a new shoe called NB For Jaden Smith Vision Racer. The shoe is entirely vegan, and Jaden Smith is the brand ambassador of these new shoes from New Balance. The company would have only taken him if he was a vegan himself.

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