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Jaden Smith Is Outraged After Internet ‘Condemns’ Shane Dawson!

Jaden Smith-Shane Dawson
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Jaden Smith Is Outraged After Internet ‘Condemns’ Shane Dawson!: The Shane Dawson controversy is not a new issue. In 2014, Shane got accused of ‘blackface’ that is racist. Since the video resurfaced, the internet is crashing with hate for Dawson. Shane Dawson is a YouTuber.

In a resurfaced video, Dawson is inappropriately touching himself over Willow Smith, Jaden Smith’s baby sister’s poster. Note that, Willow was just an 11-year-old back then, this suggests that Dawson is a ‘sick’ paedophile.

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Just as Jaden saw the video, he took Twitter as a medium to denounce Dawson for his attempt to make fun of Willow. Even Jada Pinkett Smith lashed out at Dawson expressing her disbelief.

Let’s dive into the details of what happened after Jaden slammed Dawson.

Jaden Smith Is Outraged After Internet ‘Condemns’ Shane Dawson!

Regardless of the situation, sexually harassing anyone, irrespective of their gender is an offence. Jaden, being a good brother and a netizen, expressed his anger on Twitter.

Jaden told everyone that Shane disgusts him. Smith even called out the youth and urged them about the coupled morals needed for subsistence. Jaden’s anger resulted in many fans to unsubscribe Dawson’s YouTube channel and report him.

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Dawson Takes Accountability

Last week, after Dawson was exposed, he posted a video on his YouTube channel. In the video, he took accountability of his past actions and for using blackface.

He agreed that he used his jokes to get ahead in life. But, to be honest, where did his ‘pathetic’ jokes take him? Dawson expressed how his friends thought he was correct at that time and, now he is a better person.

Shane Dawson Is Finished
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In the previously resurfaced videos, Dawson was saying inappropriate things about his fangirls and was sexualizing them. While taking accountability, Dawson reassured that he would never do that to a young girl.

However, post taking accountability, Dawson did not react to Jaden and Jada Pinkett’s tweets. Dawson not acknowledging Jaden and Jada Pinkett’s tweets has made me think that was he sorry?

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YouTube Demonetizes Shane Dawson

As you all know, all actions have consequences. After Dawson’s derogating and disgusting behaviour, YouTube decided to demonetize Dawson’s three YouTube Channels.

The 31-year-old YouTuber had over 2.2 Million subscribers on his main channel but, now he’s lost almost 1 Million. Target even removed Dawson’s books from their stores.

It is a hard blow for Shane, but, it was bound to happen. Sexual harassment is an unforgivable felony and Dawson should face severe consequences for his derogation.



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