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Jaden Smith Is The Brand Ambassador Of The Revolutionary VEGAN Shoes From New Balance !

Jaden Smith
Source: Vegconomist

New Balance Launches NB For Jaden Smith Vision Racer

Jaden Smith Is The Brand Ambassador: New Balance has collaborated with singer Jaden Smith to launch their new shows NB for Jaden Smith Vision Race. Jaden Smith is a big figure in the vegan world, and he turned vegan at the end of last year. He has decided to take his belief of being vegan to create something new.Β  The new shoes from New Balance are completely vegan. The shoes are everything that Jaden stands for, and it is inspiring how he is pushing the boundaries through his collaborations.

Jaden Smith
Source: Vegconomist

New Balance Happy To Collaborate With Jaden Smith

New Balance is particularly very happy that they could collaborate with Jaden Smith to design the piece of beauty. Chris Davis, New Balance Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Merchandising, also had a similar view about their new shoes with Jaden Smith. He said, β€œShared values of transforming the status quo; staying true to oneself; giving back to the community; and, respecting heritage while co-authoring a distinct future, are the foundation of the relationship between New Balance and Jaden Smith.”

What Is Special About NB For Jaden Smith Vision Racer?

The X-Factor of the shoes is not just the fact that it is completely vegan. Every element of Vision Racer has some recycled material. Everything about the shoes from its midsole to the insole to polyester to synthetics has some of the other recycled raw material. For e.g. the midsole has 5 per cent EVA regrind and the inside foam is made of 6% castor bean oil, 15% recycled foam, 5% recycled rubber, and 74% virgin PU.

New Balance
Source: Vegconomist

What Is The Release Date Of NB For Jaden Smith Vision Racer?

This one-of-a-kind shoe from New Balance will release globally on 24 July 2020, i.e. Friday. The price of the footwear is expected to be somewhere around $150. It will be available for purchase from the official website of New Balance. Jaden Smith seems to be the right choice as he is known for creating a change. He is into a lot of philanthropy for human as well as animal protection. He also supports environmental causes and has a quirky sense of fashion that is perfect for these shoes.

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