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Jaden Smith Posts A Selfie As He Promotes His New Single Cabin Fever!

Jaden Smith in the frame
via Rolling Stone

Jaden Posts A Selfie As He Promotes His New Single Cabin Fever!:Β Amid the COVID surge, several artists have been working on new projects. The list includes our 22-year-old Jaden Smith. Similar to other artists, Jaden took this lockdown to upgrade his skill and make music.

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That is to say, Jaden finally released his new single ‘Cabin Fever’ around two weeks back, and the fans are loving it! Furthermore, Jaden didn’t leave any chance to promote his music via a selfie. Let’s get into the details of that selfie!

A Selfie For The Win

Not long after Jaden released the song, he put up a photo on his Instagram account promoting the song. In the photo, the 22-year-old singer is leaning on the wall, and only his face is visible.

Jaden Smith in the frame
via Trending News Buzz

Jaden looks extremely serious in the photo. He captioned it as:

“Cabin Fever is a song by an artist. It just came out you should check it out!”

With this, he urged his fans to go and check out the music. Well, no wonder a basic selfie worked for Jaden!

Moreover, we know that despite being a Smith, Jaden likes to keep it simple and minimalistic. Thus, with this basic selfie, he just promoted it without going to extreme lengths.

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A Realistic Ingenuity!

After watching the video,Β several fans have commented over how the music video creatively portrays the realities. To give you a basic idea, his album revolves around the ‘quarantine love.’

Cabin Fever Song
via Reddit

It provides an insight into the lives of two people who can’t meet each other due to quarantine. The video portrays them into all the precautionary measures like a face mask and social distancing amongst the pandemic.

Moreover, it also tells you about the recent casualties in the United States. Movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Justice For Breonna Taylor,’ are also connected to the video.

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Jaden Dropped His Surname

Recently, Jaden Smith finally dropped his surname. One of the main reasons as to why he did it was because he wanted to compartmentalize between his acting and his singing.

Jaden said that his full name i-e Jaden Smith will go up for his acting career whereas ‘Jaden’ will go for his music career.

Truly, this seemed like a smart move for the Smith to distance himself as ‘Will Smith’s son’ and make a name for himself has Jaden.


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