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Jaden Smith Releases New Clothing Collection To Fight Black Stereotype !

Jaden Smith
Source: MSFTSRep

Jaden Smith Releases New Collection For MSFTSRep

Jaden Smith is having the time of his as he is exploring everything to grow. Recently he released his single that goes by the name of β€˜Cabin Fever’. He also came forward to release the new shoes from New Balance that uses entirely vegan raw materials. Now he has come up with a new collection for his clothing label MSFTSRep. The name of this new collection is Trippy Summer and explores the nostalgia of the 1960s. It takes its inspiration from Woodstock documentaries, old art, icons like Jimi Hendrix, etc.

Jaden Smith
Source: Capitalxtra

Jaden Smith Explains The Inspiration Behind New Collection Trippy Summer

Jaden Smith revealed the idea and inspiration behind the new collection. He always has the vision to bring a positive change in the world and his new collection aims for the same. Jaden wishes to bring this collection as something that represents love and peace. He said, β€œWe were really drawn to the idea of reestablishing a movement of peace and love as a way to change the world and the consciousness of the world in these times.”

An Attempt To Fight Black Stereotype, Says Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith emphasized on the stereotype that people have created for black people. For him, this collection is a way to fight these stereotypes as he believes every person irrespective of their color has the right to wear what they feel is right. Jaden said, β€œI feel like the children of the African-American community are disproportionately affected by visual stereotypes β€” like β€˜why are your nails that color?’ We designed this collection and lookbook for you to know that you can be whatever you want in this world.”

Jaden Smith
Source: MSFTSRep

Jaden Talks About The Vibe Generator T-Shirt

Jaden Smith also chose the t-shirt that he liked out of all in his new collection. It is a t-shirt that has a lot of graphics. On the front of it, the t-shirt says β€˜Vibe Generator’. Jaden strongly believes that every person has their own vibration and it plays an important role in our day to day activities. Talking about the new t-shirt, Jaden said, β€œWe set the vibes of our area, we all bounce off of each other’s collective vibrations.”

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