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Jaden Smith Teamed Up With Airbnb To Encourage People To Have Their Political Stand.


Talking about news, how can we not talk about the famous singer, rapper and fashionista Jaden Smith. The 22-year-old star is not only known to date the hottest girls in Hollywood but also to be pretty vocal about his political stand. And it looks like this time it is for a good cause. Jaden has confirmed that he wants to help everyone understand the political side and enjoy their life in this hell of a year. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Jaden Smith’s New Collaboration With Amaze You

Jaden Smith has done a lot in a year. Especially this year despite the pandemic. Smith released his single, was caught several times with his ex Sofia Richie, started a new show on snap chat. And the show was to talk about justice, racism and much more. The 22-year-old star got a lot of support from family and celebrity friends throughout.


The most recent tea to spill is a good one. Recently Jaden Smith has collaborated withΒ Airbnb for a one-time Online Experience. He is trying to teach people the political values on the dinner table. And this might helps millions of people throughout the world. It is also joined by psychologistΒ Dr Phillip Atiba Goff, co-founder and CEO of theΒ Center of political equity. He will be putting up some good points to help people be good at social and political debates. This musician is a star. Smith has done pretty good this year and has won many hearts.

What Exactly It Is About

However, a lot of questions related to the show has been seen. Considering many fans were confused about what exactly the show is about. But Jaden took a step forward and tried to explain every one everything. He took to the internet responding to this by saying that β€˜I am doing this because I was to teach the young ones how to have a tough conversation may it be with family or friends’.

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He even mentioned that β€˜people all around the world have a variety of opinion and that troubles people to have a debate’. β€˜I decided to partner with [Airbnb] and a good friend of mine, DrΒ Goff’. Jaden further explained more about the experience.


Smith says that approximately ten people at a time will be able to boom for the online experience at a time. He says that the experience will be first starting since this Thursday, October 29 and will be up to a year.


Smith never fails to encourage his fans. May it be related to fashion or transforming body or being vocal about your opinions for the right. He has been an inspiration to millions. And not just that his career graph is also going up with everything he has done this year. He recently made a tweet as well that has gone viral.


The tweet says that β€œI feel like the young generation is making a difference. We’re speaking out, and we’re telling people to vote and to do so much β€” but we need to do more. We need to continue pushing,”. His significant step has been supported by many of his friends and even family members.


The company with which Smith is collaborating Airbnb recently launched its well-known voting centre to help everyone. There is mentioned that it aims to inspire, educate, and encourage people to vote in this election. What do you think about it?


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