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Jaden Smith Upcoming Album

jaden smith
Actor Jaden Smith reacts during Jackie Chan's hand and footprint ceremony in front of the TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 6, 2013. AFP PHOTO/JOE KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Expected to be released on MSFTS MUSIC/Roc Nation on August 28, Smith’s upcoming 17 track-collection will include Justin Bieber and Raury. If fans pre-order/save Fun Tape Volume 3. They’ll be able to access their latest track Rainbow Bap. Rainbow bap is the future of my Sunset sound,” Smith says to Billboard. Fans will also buy new items here on Smith’s website.

Smith talked to Complex last month about his first signature shoe with Modern Balance and his love for bringing life to ordinary people vs influencers. It wants to give back to society, Smith said. We need to give away a free shoe not to influencers, but to people who are real people, people who need shoes. People who will wear the boots every day into the ground, how I wear my New Balance shoes into the ground.

Jaden Smith Debuts β€œCTV3” Album: Listen | Teen Vogue

On track two, Smith puts back the former partner and friend Justin Bieber for the first time since the iconic “Never Say Never” debut in 2011. The new song, “Falling For You is about losing yourself and your wellbeing in lust.

Smith is teaming up with another rapper, “Endless Summer,” Progressive Rock and R&B singer Raury.

The second to last track on the LP is titled “The Birth of Syre. I believe would have been a better ending than the almost theatrical musical performance Boys and Girls. Where the vibes are very different.

While any project is going through ups and downs from 2012 to the present. You can without a doubt see and hear Smith’s progress throughout his music career. As well as the broad spectrum of talent he possesses.


If you’ve played his songs or not, you’re bound to find something you want in Smith’s discography. Although it’s impossible to tell if CTV3 is better than SYRE just yet. It’s certainly getting close to its impressive quality and a fantastic collective of songs.

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