What is ‘The Solution Committee’ By Jaden Smith. Here's Everything You Need To Know About Jaden’s New Series! Check it out now.
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Jaden Smith: What is ‘The Solution Committee’ By Jaden Smith. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Jaden’s New Series!

Jaden Smith is one of the most influential people in social media. Son of Will Smith is close to beating him to come in the headlines. He is known for dating the hottest celebrities from Kylie, Sophia and even Tyler the creator. However, Jaden has now become the new biggest inspiration for the Gen Zs.

What is The Solution Committee  By Jaden Smith?

Jaden is now breaking the internet with the news of his new upcoming series on Snapchat. It’s called ‘The Solution committee’. It will be a Snapchat original series where Jaden will have a talk show with his favourite Hollywood pals.


Smith, 22, Launched the trailer on Friday and it was to promote justice and solutions to all. The major aim of the show is to provide a big platform to the celebrities to speak up about the injustices, Hate and the wrongs.

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith

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Recently, many famous celebrities have spoken up about their take on racism, hate speech and how it misleads people. Also, elections are almost seven weeks from now. Celebrities are constantly trying to educate people about the importance of voting.


Jaden, announced that throughout the series, some of the other influential celebrity would be joining him. They will talk about injustice and the things faced by minorities. However, he mentions that his celebrity friends Hailey, Justin, Yara, Willow and many more will be joining him in different episodes.


The Snapchat series will not only address one but a variety of situations. Including voting, racism, injustice and hate. In the trailer, Jaden welcomes everyone who is looking forward to joining and watch his show.


Soon after the trailer of the show was launched, people went crazy with the thought of Jaden doing such a great thing. Fans and celebrities are supporting him fully.

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