Jaden Smith’s New Look Got Fans Tripping. Have a look!Check it out now.
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Jaden Smith’s New Look Got Fans Tripping. Have A Look!

Jaden Smith’s New Look Got Fans Tripping. Have A Look!: Jaden Smith never fails to be on the headlines. May it be for dating the hottest girl in the Hollywood, getting back with an ex, dating a fellow guy rapper or for his iconic style. The 22-year-old son of Will Smith never fails to amaze fans with his unique style. Check out everything you need to know about his new outfit.

Jaden Smith & His New Look.

Everyone who knows Jaden Smith knows how strong his outfit and style game is. He was recently captured again with no so big drama but for his sexy outfit. He proved that he is an artist and will always remain one.


Jaden recently shaved off his head for a music video. However, he still kills every outfit. When he got asked about why he shaved his head, Smith claimed that during his music video, he uses to cut his hair behind the booth. And it became a part of the charter that fit in perfectly. However, he loves his old coat, but he enjoys being bold as well.

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Pictures of his new look went viral on the internet. Fans were amazed when they saw Jaden’s new face appreciating and complimenting him like crazy. The image is a proof that is one of the most stylish artists of all time.


In the picture, Smith has worn a baggy black graphic print T-shirt with baggy blue jeans. He crisped the outfit with multiple chains and necklaces, one in the pink and others golden and silver. Smith has also worn chain on his wrist. He has completed the entire look with grey shoes.


Fans love Jaden’s new style. It’s a diff aesthetic, but fans love it. What do you think about his new look? Do you think it is better than his last face?


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