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Jaden Smith’s Portraying Daryn, Created A Big Fuss During ‘Life In A Year’

Jaden Smith's portraying Daryn
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Jaden Smith’s portraying Daryn in the movie, ‘Life in a year’. He created such a fuss on the set, due to portraying a rebel role. To know more, read below…

Jaden Smith’s portraying Daryn in ‘Life in a Year’

As the news was out in March 2017 that Jaden Smith would be starring in an epic love story opposite Cara Delevingne. But after that, there was no news regarding that film, for the utmost two years and eight months probably.

The movie’s name is ‘Life in a Year’. And produced by Smith alongside his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Under the direction of Mitja Okorn. And surprisingly, on this Monday by afternoon, Delevingne shared the trailer of the film on her social media handle, stating that:

“The film comes out on Amazon Prime later this week.”

Jaden Smith’s portraying Daryn – Storyline:

In the trailer, it was shown that Smith is portraying the role of Daryn and on the contrary, Delevingne is Isabelle. Daryn is in a blind love for Isabelle and the trailer highlighted the scene in which Smith is begging Isabelle to go on a date.

And that was the starting point of their romantic relationship. After one date, there comes another and another, and so on.

Jaden Smith's portraying Daryn
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But here the twist comes that both love each other but, Isabelle decides to keep a distance from Daryn. She just stated that “I have a year to live if that”. As she is referring to her stage-three ovarian cancer to Daryn. And it is just too much for Daryn to handle.

However, Daryn does almost everything to make Isabelle happy and fulfill all her wishes. From sky-diving to buying a penthouse, he crosses oceans for her.

Delevingne’s statements:

Further on, Delevingne said in an interview,

“Us having to shave our heads at the same time—he’ll be in my life forever.”

In an interview with EW, Delevingne said:

“It’s definitely not a pretty sobbing film. It gets you right in the gut. Oh my gosh, I cried all the time [during filming].”

Jaden Smith's portraying Daryn
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Shocking facts about the movie:

And actually, she wasn’t the only one who cried during filming, even Smith sobbed during the schedules. And the most thrilling fact is that the actress was totally mad about the movie, that she even agreed to shave her signature eyebrows.

But the director demurred. But at least, we can see the shaved head of the actress.

Jaden Smith’s portraying Daryn -Difficult scene

And if we talk about Smith’s acting, then in one of the interviews, the director of the movie said that he had the most difficult scene where Smith stands up against his mother. As she was yelling at him to go to Isabelle but he argued and created a big fuss.

Wich later on ended as a big arrogant fight. As in the film, Smith is a Mamaboy who’d stop doing anything if his mother asked him so. Everyone including the parents of Daryn tries to stop him to not to get too attached to Isabelle, as she has cancer. And might end up in a bad phase.

Why Smith created a big fuss?

All this time during the film, the director dictated the role to Smith thousands of times that he’d be portraying a role in which he’d have many fights with parents. As in the real-life Smith is very respectful towards the elders, it was a big deal for him to show his rebel side. And go against them.

Jaden Smith's portraying Daryn
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But however, Smith did his part really well and it turns out really amazing. Smith overcome all his weak points during the movie. Which eventually helped him a lot as an actor and especially as a human being.


The movie- ‘Life in a Year’ is out now. The film premiered on 27th November 2020. It is available on Amazon Prime Video. Go, guys, watch it and give your reviews.

For more updates, stay tuned!

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