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Jaden Smith Finally Admitted That He’s Gay! Will And Jada Reaction On Jaden Relationship

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Jaden Smith Finally Admitted That He’s Gay!: Let’s be real, Jaden is known for his bizarre comments, and people usually don’t believe him. However this time Jaden seems to be serious about him being gay and dating 29-year-old rapper Tyler, The Creator.

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Moreover, the 22-year-old singer is sure about his choices and has declared his love for Tyler. Now without further ado, let us get into the details of Jaden’s sexuality, and his relationship with Tyler.

Jaden’s Finally Admitted That He’s Gay!

We all are well aware of Jaden’s revelations. Once he even said that he was an alien, sometime later, he said he was a vampire. Nonetheless, about one and a half years back, Jaden announced that he’s gay.

Although people did not believe him and thought it’d be just a similar trick of fooling people considering his previous stories. However, Jaden was not lying.

Recently, in January 2020, when Tyler won a Grammy Jaden took Twitter to announce:

“My boyfriend just won a Grammy.”

Moreover, a year back when Jaden was performing in California, he announced that Tyler was his boyfriend. Note that Tyler was present there. Nonetheless, this is how it went; Jaden said:

via Us Weekly

“I just wanna say, Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world, and I love him so f—- much. And I wanna tell you guys something, I wanna tell you. Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my mother f—– boyfriend! And he’s been my mother f—- boyfriend my whole life. Tyler, the Creator is my f—- boyfriend. It’s true.”

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Smiths Discuss The Relationship!

Ever since Jaden came out of the closet, rumours stirred up that Will and Jada weren’t happy with Jaden’s choices. However, that’s not at all true. In fact, Will and Jada couldn’t be happier that their son is finally out of the closet and embracing himself.

via USATODAY.com

Moreover, sources say that the Smiths have welcomed Tyler in their family and they’ve had several dinners and lunches with the Smiths!

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Jaden’s Breaking Hearts!

Transparently, initially, fans knew Jaden’s ‘dating’ jokes which is why they didn’t believe him. But, when Jaden stood up to his stance, people started thinking of a possibility.

Moreover, now that Tyler’s confessed on a public forum about his love for Jaden, we all can agree that both of them are happy in a relationship.

However, now that they’re out of the closet, it seems that Jaden’s broke lot’s of hearts by dating Tyler. Several of his female fans have reportedly felt bad when Jaden came out as they don’t stand a chance now! Let us know your thoughts on Jaden and Tyler’s relationship in the comment section below.

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