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Jaden’s Health Is Worsening Post Going Vegan

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Jaden’s Health Is Worsening Post Going Vegan:Β Let’s be real we all have heard several ‘theories’ about how Jaden Smith is dying off his malnutrition. But, let me tell you, Jaden is not dying.

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However, we can’t deny that Jaden’s health is going downhill ever since he turned vegan last September. Unfortunately, veganism, despite being a healthy outtake towards life, didn’t suit Jaden. Nevertheless, let us get into the details of Jaden’s health.

The Table Talk Of Smiths

Last September, the 22-year-old Jaden joined several other celebrities by going vegan i-e abstaining the consumption of animal products. However, unfortunately, Jaden’s body could not adapt to being vegan, and it started staggering.

However, his parents Jada Pinkett and Will immediately called for an ‘intervention’ on their Facebook show the ‘Red Table Talk.’ On the show, Jada spoke about how her song was ‘wasting away.’ Moreover, Jaden admitted that he has stomach issues and eats one or two meals a day.
Jaden Smith on the talk show
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So, it seems that Jaden’s health issues happened because he wasn’t eating properly and not because he went vegan. Additionally, in the second round of the talk, they revealed that Jaden suffered from B12 deficiencies.
But, the problems didn’t stop there, Will revealed that he found ‘dark circles’ under Jaden’s eyes and ‘a hint of greyness’ to his skin. They later found out that Jaden was gluten insensitive.

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Jaden’s Health

Jaden is lacking some crucial elements that are degrading his health and not letting his body recover. Moreover, some reports suggest that he has a deficiency of Omega 3 and Vitamin D as well.

However, Jaden’s fans have been worried about his health, and amid this Coronavirus Pandemic, if his immunity isn’t strong enough, the virus might get hold of him.

Jaden Smith in the frame
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But, Jaden’s fans are instantly jumping onto conclusions of his health. Some even spread rumours like Jaden was dying and whatnot. However, that’s not the case. I agree that Jaden might seem emaciated, but he’s not dying.

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Is Veganism Bad?

No, let me clear it for everyone. Veganism is one of the healthy diets for a better outtake towards life. However, it highly depends on one’s adapting and will.

Usually, people who prefer eating meat on a daily basis, find it difficult to switch their daily diet after going vegan. However, sometimes, the same people can adapt to vegan food without any problems.

Unfortunately, when it came to Jaden, he couldn’t adapt to the vegan diet, which is why he didn’t eat. In fact, Jaden himself admitted that he skipped meals, and let me tell you, skipping meals whether you’re vegan or not, is unhealthy. Nevertheless, we hope Jaden feels better.

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