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Jamie Borthwick Criticises EastEnders Co-Star Dean Gaffney For Partying In Ibiza


Jamie Borthwick has called out his EastEnders co-star Dean Gaffney for partying in Ibiza amid coronavirus.

Dean Gaffney, who plays the role of Robbie Jackson on the BBC soap opera EastEnders was partying in Ibiza. The 42-year-old actor had posted pictures on Instagram at the end of July.

He captioned the image β€œNever Alone” in which he was with his friends and there was no social distancing.

Jamie Borthwick calls Dean out

Jamie Borthwick
Jamie Borthwick

The actor Jamie Borthwick called him out for partying though. He commented, β€œAccept at party’s surrounded by only fans girls when there’s 1k dying a day.”

Although it’s quite obvious that Borthwick seemed to be serious, Michael Greco came in between to save any feud that might break out.

He commented, with laughing emojis, β€œAlthough it’s Except not Accept.” Jamie replied to Michael, β€œHaha Grecs is right, Borth’s miles off it.”

Dean replied to this exchange soon with a joke. He commented, β€œHaha LOVE this Grecs love this! TouchΓ© Jamie x.”

Dean’s party in Ibiza

Dean was attending this party with friend Joshua Ritchie from Celebs Go Dating, reported The Sun.

He wrote, β€œWhat a week we have had @deangaffney1 to many more of them.”

Dean Gaffney is among those celebrities who had recently been to Spain on a vacation. He will need to go to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning to the UK.

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