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Jamie Foxx: Proud Father Jamie Foxx Talks About His Relationship With His Two Daughters !

Jamie with his daughters
Source: Daily Mail

Jamie Foxx Quarantines With 15 People

The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh to many people. While the poor are suffering, the actors are itching to get back on set. However, looks like Jamie Foxx does not want to leave his family. In a recent interview to promote his Netflix film Project Power, he talked about his time during the quarantine. Apparently, he went under lockdown with as many as 15 people which included his two daughters- 26-year-old Corinne and 11-year-old Annalise. Staying together for such a long time has brought all of them together.

Jamie and Annalise
Source: Hollywood Life

Jamie Foxx Talks About His Connection With 11-Year-Old Annalise

It is fair to say that the lockdown came as a blessing in disguise for Jamie. In his interview, he revealed that music has helped him to connect with his younger daughter Annalise. Apparently, Annalise knows how to play piano and that has become a bridge between her and her father. He said during the interview, β€œMy daughter [Annalise] played her piano at 4 o’clock in the morning, 11 years old, and holding. That’s what’s been good is we have been able to connect like that.”

Jamie Foxx Boasts About The Piano Skills Of Annalise

Jamie was visibly proud while talking about the piano playing skills of her daughter Annalise. According to him, not only does she play the piano, but she plays it really well. He also opened up about how he and Annalise were a duo where she played and he sang. Talking about Annalise, he said, β€œMy 11-year-old now knows how to play the piano so well, she actually plays my songs while I sing to them. She said, ‘I am going on tour with you.’ I am blessed, we are all blessed.”

Source: Daily Mail

Jamie Foxx Is Proud Of His Elder Daughter Corinne

Corinne is an actor and Jamie did not stop himself from praising her. Walking on the legacy of her father, she appeared in a series called Live In Front of A Studio Audience: All In The Family and Good Times. It received as many as four Emmy nominations. Talking about his elder daughter, Jamie said, β€œSo, when you see your kids with a good thing and she got her head on her shoulders. She did something fantastic that night when she was Live In Front of A Studio Audience to do Good Times.β€œ

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